Transyes boasts China’s top-ranking interpreters to deliver customized interpreting services including consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, telephone interpreting, and liaison interpreting covering policy, news, economy and trade, telecommunications, chemical engineering, energy, architecture, healthcare, and aviation for clients.

Consecutive Interpreting

The interpreter listens to the speaker and takes notes at the same time. The speaker usually stops every 1-5 minutes, and the interpreter then orally translates the speech into the target language. Consecutive interpreting usually applies to bilateral negotiations, small and medium-sized seminars, visits and investigations, consultations within small groups, interviews, speeches, press conferences, etc.

Simultaneous Interpreting

The interpreter, without interrupting the speaker’s speech, instantaneously translates the speech to the audience via exclusive equipment. It is highly efficient as the meeting does not need to be interrupted while two or more interpreters work in turns to deliver the real-time interpretation. Simultaneous interpreting commonly applies to international conferences, multilingual high-level conferences, and training.

Telephone Interpreting

The interpreter provides interpreting services over the telephone to facilitate the smooth communication between two or sometimes more interlocutors with language barriers. Telephone interpreting is usually applied to a three-way conversation, where the interpreter remains neutral and keeps information confidential.

Liaison Interpreting

The interpreter provides not only services in foreign affairs, but also pick-up and drop-off service, itinerary arrangement, business visit, traveling, protocol and etiquette, convention and exhibition, leisure and entertainment, and daily communication. The interpreter provides more considerate services while explaining local cultures as well.

Our Clients

  • Interpreting Clients - National Art Museum of China
    National Art Museum of China (multilingual consecutive interpreting for opening ceremony of exhibitions, international seminars and conferences)